The Uprising of Baby Yoda – Are There More?

Written by Elycia Young

“Project Luminous” is the beginning of a brand new era for Star Wars.  It has left fans confused and on the edge of their seats waiting for what’s next.  Yesterday, Lucasfilms recently revealed “Project Luminous” to be Star Wars: The High Republic which will be set in a time before the Skywalker Saga on the official Star Wars YouTube channel.  This will be released by multiple publishers telling the story of a time long before Anakin Skywalker took on the Dark Side.

In the announcement trailer, there is a brief moment where we see what looks to be a baby Yoda on the storyboard, however, this takes place approximately 200 years before The Mandalorian.  Which begs the question, are we getting a new baby Yoda to love?  What’s important is to look at the timeline.  Yoda would be around 600 years old, give or take some odd years, so it’s very possible that he will make an appearance in this new series, along with maybe more of his species which of course includes more baby Yodas. At the very least, we know that they’ve been sketched out.

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