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La Chiquilla

The radio show “La Chiquilla,” or “The Young Girl,” is hosted by Joanna Hernandez. The radio show “La Chiquilla” will have a different approach on introducing the music genres of  Banda, Corridos, and Norteño. It […]


Retro Cinema

Movies are an essential part of pop culture. They can entertain, thrill, scare and uplift us. But what do find so captivating about them to begin with? In Retro Cinema, the purpose is to discuss, […]

Shows 5

Film Nerds

Film Nerds, by Julio Ramirez, is a radio show that gives creative concept of film and television. Expect content such as box office results, gossip/rumors, projects in production, reviews etc. and you will be satisfied […]

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The Beatles Show

The Beatles Show is an hour long look at the best band ever.  It’s fast.  It’s fun.  It’s fresh…and, of course, it features some of the best music ever.  Their hits…group and solo…live stuff, collaborations, […]